19 May 2009

rejection can be a good thing

I got a rejection email today from a literary/art project I've recently discovered. I thought I'd send them a bit of flash fiction I'd recently written, but they (rightly) decided it wasn't right for them on this occasion. Earlier in the year I'd wanted to get more personal writing on the go again. And last month I was dismayed to find out that Wandering Army, one of the online magazines that had accepted a few of my stories in the past, had disappeared. So I didn't mind getting the rejection. Not at all. It just felt great to be trying again. I know it's a good story. Maybe it'll find a home somewhere else, and I will have a look. But the most important thing is that I'm doing something I care about. The other bit of good news is that I've been in touch with Marc, the editor of Wandering Army. He explained that he couldn't bear to watch the site dwindle whilst he did other things, so he did the decent thing and took it offline. And he was even kind enough to send me PDFs of my things that were published. The first page of one is up there at the start of the post, because annoyingly Blogger won't let you attach documents. Better go. I'm off to work on a short story.



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