17 April 2009

oh no...

If you know me, you might also know that I like to write other stuff. Not just copy and little strategy bits. Or presentations and blog posts about comms. But actual stories. Flash fiction, short stories and that sort of business. I haven't written much of this kind of thing in the last year, but up until that point I was doing pretty well with getting published in various places. A lot of them were online places, like online fiction magazines, or the sites that accompany literary journals. But the thing is, lots of those places have slowly ceased to exist. It's happened to the Surgery of Modern Warfare, run by the incredibly talented Amy. This Is It magazine. The Journal of Modern Post edited by Jensen Whelan. A few others. You'll just have to take my word for it, I suppose. And now it's happened to Wandering Army. Or it seems like it. I'm trying to find out. But it's not like I've lost the writing I've done or anything. I've just lost that nice feeling of being able to point someone to these things and say, yeah, I did that. It made it past someone's editorial filter. Which was nice and satisfying. And, in a funny way, I'd have quite liked to have printed the pages off, just to, you know, keep in a drawer somewhere, for posterity. But I didn't get round to it in time. Which is one of the potential effects of distributing bits of yourself around the interwebs I guess. So I'm resolving to start writing more short stories again, because it fulfils a bit of a need in my brain. And also I'm going to get me an internet cupboard. (Thanks to Andrew Coulter Enright for the pic.)



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