30 April 2009

things brands can learn from ET

I love ET. It was the first film I ever saw at the cinema. And it was the first film I cried my eyes out at. When I went to see the 20th anniversary cut I cried all over again. I don't know why, but ET seems to summarise everything I've felt or thought about, ever. As a character, a film and an idea. So I did this presentation really quickly and stuck it up on Slideshare. At time of writing, the notes aren't working for some reason. And a nice man called Amit who works for Slideshare is finding out why for me. So there's a few contextual things that help to qualify or unpack things, and generally move them on. But you can get the gist in the meantime I think. And if you can't, I've added the notes in a comment at the bottom of the page. I've learned a few things doing this. Firstly that I know nothing about PowerPoint. Secondly that I'll do Keynote or PDF presentations in future, because it looks a bit rubbish as is. And thirdly, this extra-terrestrial chap really is quite clever. But then you probably knew all of that anyway.

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