17 May 2009

faster + closer = better

This is one of those posts where you spot something interesting that someone else is talking about and then do it for yourself, without adding much. But I think these presentations from the IPA Game Changers event, which I found on Will's blog, are worth it. I'm not sure if these agencies would call themselves game-changers exactly. I've never met them before, but they seem rather nice and humble, content to let others do the talking up. But you know they're on the right side of the game by the speed with which they work: often conceiving of and doing projects live, if not to otherwise incredibly tight timescales. But what I really love is the close collaboration that makes what they do possible. Made By Many even talk about having the client in the room. And not keeping the techie people away from the client. The stakes are high with this model of working, both in the time and relationships sense. So everyone involved has to submit themselves to the process a bit. You've got to believe it's going to work with the people involved. Proper mutual respect all round then. Which we like.

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