1 January 2009

predictions and resolutions for 2009

I've come over all fuzzy and hopeful what with it being New Year's Day. So here are a few predictions for the coming year: 1. Augmented reality will be in lots more places. 2. More campaign sites will cease to bear the trace of their calendar-driven marketing budgets. That is, they will wear in, not out. 3. There will be no more think, only feel and do. Am I just being too optimistic? Oh well...here are some resolutions: 1. Do and think more on invisible writing. 2. Do more extra-curricular things and make sure more slow projects are seen through to fruition. 3. Don't take any shortcuts - when necessary, rip it up and start again. Hope 2009 rocks for you. (Pic courtesy of this person.)

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At 1/03/2009 09:58:00 am , OpenID donttellmymum.com said...

I'm hopelessly optimistic too!

Never too late for you to add your resolutions to my post on the matter...join in the fun :)


At 1/03/2009 12:24:00 pm , Blogger james said...

cheers nick, will do!


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