27 October 2008

rip it up and start again

I was reading about Edwyn Collins's exhibition of drawings at the weekend when "Rip it up" by Orange Juice popped up on my i Tunes. It struck me as a neat little convergence; a song and an exhibition about starting over in different ways. Both done with a wry wit and class too. I've been listening to the song on and off for the last couple of days now. It reminded me in a slightly disconnected way of a Seth Godin blog post I'd read earlier about brands (especially charity ones) approaching social media in the same old bang-for-your-buck kind of way. Too many aren't prepared to learn a new way of doing things, or to paraphrase Orange Juice, "rip it up and start again". Or to risk making mistakes, for that matter. Then I found a little anecdote through someone I follow on Twitter. When asked about the return on investment in social media this guy says, "Compared to what?" I liked that. Here's one of those Edwyn Collins drawings by the way, which may be much more interesting to you:

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