7 October 2008

shaking it up again

I've been thinking about changing the name of this blog. The hardcore few will know that this is something I do from time to time. Some of it has been prompted by all the talk about Gorilla after Scamp picked up on the fact that Galaxy is doing rather better than Cadbury. Mike is right that it's what you might call a category ad, in that it's not necessarily ownable by Dairy Milk. But I'm also with Dave, who, according to this logic, would argue that the idea is to be seized as your territory. But it's also to do with things like being interested in things that don't feel like advertising or other established communications disciplines. Stuff like what Faris has called transmedia narrative. "Draw the line" doesn't feel apt for what I'm writing about any more. It feels like I need to have a name which says more about my philosophy on these sorts of issues. So from now on, this blog will be known as Pushes emotional buttons. (Pic courtesy of this person.)

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