18 September 2008

stuff from the london design festival

Took a stroll down to Brick Lane today to see some of the stuff that's on at the London Design Festival. I got kicked out of Tent because I didn't have a ticket, but hey, the free stuff's better anyway. So I went to Create Berlin and to Prospect, the postgrad Goldsmith's College show instead. So here's some of my best bits. Create Berlin was all about reflections on the Berlin Wall, so guess what, lots of wall and broken wall imagery. So it was nice to find these toys in one corner. There was also a bonkers fox or wolf-jumper thing, but I've bluetoothed that to another mac. I'll add it tomorrow or something. There was something charmingly DIY about the Goldsmith's show. Lots of ideas that didn't have the budget to become a reality. This was my favourite thing. It's called "Object minuet" and it was one of the few interactive ideas you could actually interact with. You put an object, like an apple for example, in a box and a piece of music would play for that object.



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