4 October 2008

rubbish signs 12

After a bit of a hiatus, it's an (un)welcome return for rubbish signs. I've seen this ad, promoting the Guardian's writing series, up in train stations for ages but I haven't managed to place what I felt was wrong with it. I was perplexed, because I really like their design-centric approach to communications...I think it was in Creative Review where I read an interesting piece last year about their approach to being a content brand and how they try to remove any suggestion of positioning in favour of clean, neutral reportage. (It's a nice idea, complete bobbins when you have the actual product in your hands or on your screen of course. More thoughts on content brands soon-ish.) Then, on my way back from the pub last night, it came to me. This ad's all about words, right? And whoever has done it has deliberately, conspicuously, made a choice to avoid any punctuation throughout, bar the apostrophes where you need them. Which is fine. But that's why the ampersand on the last line annoys me like you wouldn't believe. I'm probably just too pedantic. Bah!

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