22 June 2009

people who break things

I'm really enjoying Wired UK magazine so far. Especially the features about people who don't quite fit in. The ones whose natural inclination is to test the claims that brands and industries make for themselves to the limit. They are people who like to try to break things. It's always because they believe in better, although those around them don't really see it that way. Like this man. Marc Weber Tobias is a lawyer who has made it his life's work to hack locks. And that has made all kinds of companies - lock makers and the people who depend on their products - quite unhappy. He likes to refer to it as "the Marc Weber Tobias problem". But if I was a senior figure in any big organisation, I like to think I'd seek out and listen to people who like to break things. In fact, I'd ask them to actively see what they could find to break. Because whatever business you're in - but I'll say it's especially true of comms - the people who go against the grain, and who cut against the consensus, usually do so because they believe in better.

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