15 June 2009

"shared manifold of subjectivity"

I've been watching and listening to a few TED talks recently. And not that I want to turn this blog into a series of TED embeds or anything, but this one by a cognitive researcher called Nancy Etcoff just seems to speak to me on lots of different levels. Not sure why I keep coming back to happiness as a theme. But I do. And yes, it's because it's useful to think about brands in those terms. But it's also more because it's more interesting and more exciting to think about it from the human being out into that and lots of other directions too, rather than from the brand back. There is something really interesting about the idea, as presented here, that happiness and sadness aren't two points on the same continuum. They live in parallel. And that there are so many layers to happiness. And just why doing social things and approaching things collaboratively are so rewarding.

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