4 February 2009

noticing and reminding and remembering

So having got my new iPhone I'm reminded of some recent blogging about things like bionic noticing. I can really see what they mean...I've gone a bit app mad, getting all those ones you hear about and trying out a few that just sounded cool. And then getting some more after my creative director showed me some of the bonkers utilities like spirit levels and compasses and stuff like that. One of the things about the whole noticing thing for me that could be drawn out a bit more (for me at least) is that it's as much a tool for reminding as anything else. As a recording and data visualisation device, I think it's as much about how you use it after the fact as when you're on your way from A to B. It's also therefore a great way to be actively remembering. Like I was making tea after dinner and I came across my Penguin Classics Frankenstein mug, which is my favourite mug ever, because it's one of my favourite books ever. And just because it felt important to me at the time, and as my phone was in my pocket I took a picture and posted it to my new Tumblr. Using Tumblrette, naturally. I know, it's a tiny thing, but I've noticed and actively remembered it now. So now I'll be using the mug more often now. And maybe I'll even read the book again soon. Hey, maybe there's also something in this metonymic chain of products (from book to mug to phone to web or vice versa) thing too?

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