16 January 2009

two nice things

This isn't, y'know, one of those posts that draws any conclusions about anything meaningful. It's just a couple of things I like. Like the title says. Emma at work showed me this site for British Airways that she worked on in her old job at Agency.com. It's lovely. You click and click again into the BA logo, pictures emerge out of it and you learn something new about the experience of flying with them. It feels very top flight too. Meaningwhile, Tash is getting me an iPhone as a belated Christmas present, so I'm swapping over to O2 soon. And she showed me their Top-up surprises site, where she gets little extra rewards and freebies for topping up her pay-as-you-go. Essentially it's a little flash game where you play hook the duck and see what you've won. Neither site is at all recent. But in these credit crunchy times, I think I just liked the idea of creating a such a nice experience for people at the lower end of your customer ladder (O2 pay-as-you-go), as well as those nearer the top (people who can afford to fly BA). That sort of thing.

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