3 January 2009

new on the blogroll

I had time to catch up on plenty of blog reading over the holiday, and I've come across two new (to me, at least) ones that are especially worth checking out. Matt Jones writes Think Story Experience, on how stories and experiences help to build brands. Ted writes Let's Be Human Beings (named, he reliably informs me, after the film by Mike Mills, from which the image above is taken). I would love them just for the names alone. But there's also some really interesting thinking going on here too. So they are well worth checking out when you have a few minutes. Welcome to the blogroll, chaps.

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At 1/08/2009 01:20:00 am , Blogger ted said...

Thanks for passing by my place and thanks for the ad as they used to say on myspace back in the day.

Will try and pass by here more often from now on as well.



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