30 January 2009

three, no four, interesting things

Ian "Crack Unit" Tait blogging about the trend for brands trying to cash in on the idea of collaborating and sharing. Keep reading up the page to see the mini-storm and the interesting qualifications he made. (For my money, the T-Mobile ad leaves me a bit cold. Can't help feeling that it will take the fun out of flashmobs forever more. That said, plenty of people I know love it.) Faris writing about advertising as distributed content. You know when someone says something you're thinking? That's how this felt. And Stephen Fry blogging about Twitter etiquette. Oh, and Matt Jones of Dopplr reviewed at the PSFK Good Ideas Salon (wish I could have afforded a ticket) talking about good ideas for mobile. Feeling pretty interested by Dopplr recently, no doubt helped along by sight of Rishi's Dopplr annual report. Don't know what on earth the thread could be, but all of these things feel connected in some way. Any ideas? (Pic courtesy of this person.)

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