24 January 2009

rubbish signs 16

This is stencilled all over the pavements near where I live in south-east London. I was minded to include it as a rubbish sign after reading a voxpop in Design Week about how design can help to reduce the litter caused by fast food packaging. Like they said, no amount of graphics and messaging will stop people disposing of their rubbish in the wrong way. Which is one of the reasons why this is a rubbish sign. On the one hand it makes innocent, ambling pedestrians think about dog poo - too often. And on the other, judging by the walk to the cafe today, it clearly hasn't persuaded very many dog owners to bag it and bin it. Bleurgh.

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At 11/15/2009 12:52:00 pm , Blogger Mike Reed said...

It also looks like a puppy warming his bottom over a hot pasty.


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