9 April 2008

paul arden passes

This is definitely the saddest news since I last wrote something here. Paul Arden, creator of those Silk Cut billboards that you saw as a kid and either thought, "Brilliant!", or, "Eh?", has died. In case you don't know much about him, it's worth taking a look here at some of the many, many classic lines that were his. There are plenty of tributes too on that page and many other creative blogs. One of his books is pretty much a classic too. Everything in it still stands, and has been inspiring me a bit recently. So, in the interests of failing better and doing something that's the opposite of the commonly perceived smart thing to do, I've decided to rename this blog, without much fanfare or advance notice. And I'll keep changing its name, periodically (perhaps with more of aforementioned fanfare if it needs it) until such time that I happen to decide I'm happy with it - or until I can't be arsed any more.



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