23 January 2010

world's most amazing libraries

These amazing pictures from the Huffington Post of the world's most amazing libraries (via Tash via @JensBookPage) made me wonder how books will be collected in future. We all know about on-demand printing and e-readers. But at some point it feels like people will be writing transmedia books (something like one of James's projects perhaps), in the same way they have been doing transmedia for broadcast for a long time. If books spill across the printed page, out onto the web and onto mobile to fit your media diet, how will they be brought together and stored? And what kind of librarian staffs the new kind of library?

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At 1/27/2010 01:59:00 pm , Blogger Lazy said...

I think that Tash can definately qualify for being a book otaku! Libraries are such amazing places, the adventures of the imagination!


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