13 January 2010

ultimate 81s are melting my mind

Recently I came across the Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81s online. They were in such a brilliantly garish colourway I just had to have them. Orange, turquoise, white and purple. photo.jpg This isn't the first time I've bought trainers online. But it is the first time I've bought a brand that I don't know very well. (I'm not a very loyal sneaker person. I don't have a big Nike or Adidas habit. I have a more magpie-like taste for Puma, Gravis, Tretorn, Converse, Etnies.) I like the silhouette. I love the toe. The toe shape is very important to me. Nice and rounded, not too pointy. And I love the hexagonal pattern on the sole. photo.jpg I'm just not sure about the big scoop in on the arch of the foot. Tash thinks I'll get used to it. Says Onitsuka Tigers are really comfortable. But I just don't know. I'm all confused. I love the colourway. And it is a reissued running shoe really. But...it's the scoop. Just thought you would want to know.



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