7 September 2009

extra reading

The Death of Bunny Munro - Enhanced Edition Promo from Enhanced Editions on Vimeo.

I've been reading and hearing lots about e-books for a while. How they are becoming more popular, how Sony, Kindle and so on are going to be eating up the paperback market until we're only left with summer blockbusters and trophy hardbacks in print. I've had a play with a couple of friends' readers and I've tried a few books on iPhone, but I've just not got it really. I like having the book as a physical product in my hands. Even if they've skimped on the paper quality, you get that little snapping sound as you flick a corner and turn the page. And the cover design on literary fiction is pretty interesting too, most of the time. You don't get that when you're scrolling pages onscreen. So this Enhanced Editions thing is very good. It's what e-books should be about - or ones for the iPhone anyway - which is translating something text-based into other, extra media experiences to enrich your reading.



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