2 August 2009

monday music

Since Milo was born I seem to have caught a steady stream of colds and other stuff from him. I was off again at the end of last week, at a really bad time. I think I must have had 30 emails about work on Friday - on a sick day! - because it's just like that at the moment. So I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about what lies in wait when I go back today. To compensate, I've planned a rigorous schedule of Monday music. To psyche myself up, because it's looking like it might be a tough day: For punching the air if everything goes well: To keep me focused when things get tough again: And then this if everything works out across the day: You may have noticed that I'm anticipating a positive trajectory to the day overall. If things don't work out as hoped, I'll end it like this:


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