17 June 2008

making the most of now media

I went out with Luke, a graphic designer at work, on a field trip today for a branding project we're doing at a major London train station. We saw loads of Vodafone stuff on adshels, on the floor and the barriers, and while they aren't doing anything new, I really liked them. Of course the lines all tie in to the theme of train journeys, that's to be expected, but the copywriter in me was surprised how much I liked the hierarchy of three messages feeding down as in this pic. I especially like the phrase "Travel the mobile internet". They also have something I've been a bit slow to pick on - and that the designers amongst you will have spotted long ago - is the prevalence of the highlighted blocks of text, which are absolutely frickin' everywhere at the moment, especially in editorial design. It's interesting because it places the headline/stacked up messaging centre stage - and really works.



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