20 November 2008

the direction of the digital agency?

Over on his excellent Dictionary of Specific Generalities, Dave has started a really interesting series of posts about the future of digital in the marketing mix. His contention is that digital thinking is now (or should now be) so interwoven with other disciplines that the nature of the digital agency is changing. Perhaps even becoming less of an ideas factory in its own right, and more of a production house for the ideas created by an above-the-line agency. Of course Dave's right that digital is, or should be, at the heart of any communications strategy nowadays. And Dave's a much wiser, more experienced head than me. But I felt a little dismayed at this kind of working model. I think it's because so many of the creatives I've met from above-the-line agencies still leap to TV or poster scamps as a means of expressing their ideas. I'm not convinced that all (or enough) of them do think particularly digitally. Yet. Right now, some of the best ideas are still coming from digital creatives, aren't they? Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. But whether you're above, below, through or sideways to the line it'll be worth staying tuned to Dave's blog for a series of golden tips about digital creativity.

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